Caffeine-free energy supplements “Clear Mind Pro”

For refreshing mind and body!

Caffeine-free energy supplements

Product development intentions

When we want to give it another go, we often take tea, coffee or other caffeine-containing products to refresh themselves.  

Caffeine has a diuretic effect and can make it difficult to concentrate here and there.

Caffeine intake is regulated in the USA, UK and South Korea. 

For these reasons, we wondered if a safer alternative to caffeine could be made in a chewable form, which could be easily taken anytime, anywhere.

Nameprocessed food containing organic citrus oil powder and dried mango leaf extract.
Ingredientsreduced palatinose (manufactured in Japan), organic acacia dietary fibre, organic sweet orange extract, mango leaf extract, corn starch, refined fish oil containing DHA, maltodextrin, milk protein degradation products / gamma-cyclodextrin, citric acid, Ca stearic acid, silicon dioxide micro granules, silicon dioxide. Arabic gum, glycerol fatty acid ester, antioxidants (V.E, V.C), vitamin A, sweetener (neotame), lecithin, (contains some milk ingredients and orange).
Contains4g (800mg x 5 tablets)
Storage methodkeep in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Sold byReijin International Trade Ltd.

Appeal points : introduction of primary raw materials used and reference materials from manufacturers

Dried mango leaf extract

Unlike caffeine, mango leaf extract has no diuretic effect and is effective in situations where you have
to concentrate for long periods.

Dried mango leaf extract「Zynamite」

caffeine problem

caffeine problem

Relaxing raw materials [Serenzo]

mood-enhancing and frustration-relieving.

Stress is your worst enemy

Contains vitamin A (emphasis added)

a nutrient that helps maintain night vision.

Refined fish oil containing DHA/EPA

material to improve concentration.

We can create packaging designs (OEM) for each sales target!

We can create packaging designs(OEM)for each sales target

Cherry Blossom Blooming Supplement
Basic package design